Do teachers ever switch off during the holidays?

As many teachers close their registers for another school year and many skip off to far flung places. I wonder how many will completely switch off?

The holidays for me is head space time without the demands of parents, pupils and staff. I do love the summer break to get away from it all but I like many others simply can’t help myself from thinking about school.

When I’m on holiday if I see something that might be good for school I simply have to get it. Whether I buy it, photograph it or take a note of it, I’m still subconsciously thinking about my lessons.

My kindle app is full of summer reads yet some may be shocked to find what I’ve downloaded. I’ve started reading my new year 7 novel and I’ve even got a few leadership books to advance my pedagogical thoughts!

Like many in the profession a number of my close friends are also teachers and guess what we talk about during the holidays… Yes.. School!

For several years, I even attended a summer school with the aim of deepening my knowledge and to get ready for the challenges of a new school term.

I don’t think any teacher ever fully switches off. Yes, I can turn my email off and enjoy the quality family time I crave for the rest of the year but for me (and I know I’m not the only one!) I’m still a teacher and it is my job – 12 months of the year!