Toast and Technology

It has been a while since I last blogged so here begins the writing journey once again!

Those of you who have met me will know I am a true educational geek. Who proudly loves pedagogy. Since taking up my new post as Principal, it has been challenging to fully start to share my passions whilst running a very busy school. I’m getting aquatinted to my new office, trying to learn the names of my school community and finding out the culture of the school. Life is busy, working days are long and I although I’m really enjoying it, a few weeks ago I found myself getting a little frustrated.

You see, I love teaching but I’m now a non teaching Head. I’ve a lot of energy for the classroom and had to think of how I channel my energies to best impact the motivation for learning in my school.

After a great deal of procrastination, I awoke one morning with an idea of optional CPD first thing in the school day. I would bring breakfast and my staff could enjoy while I imparted some of my knowledge and passions about the use of ICT in the classroom.

Thus #toastandtechnology was born. I emailed all staff, teaching and non teaching to invite them to come along.

Our first session was about blogging. I explained that it would last no more than twenty minutes and breakfast would be provided.

The majority of our teaching staff were in attendance at our first session. By the end of the school day two staff had their learning blogs up and running. By the next morning, four more had followed. By the end of the week it was the talk of the staffroom. Their enthusiasm and the feedback from parents from reading the classroom blogs has been tremendous.

Our second session was about using #toastandtechnology and the power of twitter to connect to other teachers around the world. To see best practice being shared in 144 characters. We had tweets to say hello to our staff from a global teaching audience. It is a powerful message when high profile practitioners take two minutes to say good morning! 


We also squeezed in four other applications to help make our lives as teachers easier. More staff came this time and later that day the staffroom conversation turned to hashtags and the use of other applications to assist our practice.

Next Wednesday is our last session and I intend to get them to share their top tips. After all, I’m still a learner too. I have fantastic teachers who are doing fantastic things, I need to let them share this to further develop school wide practice.

In school, sometimes we lack opportunities to talk about and share good ideas that will benefit our pupils. CPD does not need to be complicated, expensive or long to have impact.

Organise a #toastandtechnology session in your school and see how you go. I intend to do three sessions each term.