Pinning your interests – why Pinterest is my new educational obsession

I like finding things in the Internet but in the past I often emailed myself a link to it or printed the page out now I simply add it to my space on Pinterest.

My boards within Pinterest are organised and make rediscovering my online educational gems much easier.


I have boards for curriculum areas, whole curriculum skills, professional development etc.

It ultimately saves time and jogs my memory when looking for those great ideas once more.

So feel free repin anything that might interest you!

Magnetic letters on a mobile device

If your fridge has the lovely plastic magnetic letters on it. It is likely you will be glad to see this app…. Wooords.

A very simple concept that will improve spelling and encourage children to experiment with words.


There are three sections to choose from classic being our family favourite. You have a target letter that must be used in every word.

The game will tell you how many words you make with the available letters. Then simply touch and move the 9 letters to make words. They also encourage the user to find compound words for extra points. Difficulty increases over the 60 levels and it is very addictive!

Great for reluctant spellers or those who need a bit more practice. It certainly makes you think!


It is available for both apple and android devices.